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Nicholas Shaheen, MD, GI expert
abdominal obstruction

Show 1179: What Should You Do About Digestive Distress?

Listen to find out when your digestive distress might signal a serious problem and when you could manage it at home with simple remedies.

a plate of tacos
Bulky Bowel Movements

How Do You Feed Your Microbiota?

An intriguing study reveals that what you feed your microbiota influences the variety of microbes in your intestines. The relationships are unique to you.

public toilet
Bulky Bowel Movements

Solutions for Toilet Clogging Bowel Movements

Big bowel movements can clog a toilet. At home this is annoying. At a friend's house it can become incredibly embarrassing. Readers share painful stories and simple solutions.

toilet paper
toilet paper
Bulky Bowel Movements

Big Bowel Movements Block Toilet

Large bowel movements that block the toilet can be embarrassing, but laxatives are probably not a good long term solution.