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Photo illustration of various locations of leg and foot cramps
Alternative Health

Can Holding Your Breath Stop Painful Foot Cramps?

Can you make painful foot cramps relax by holding your breath? One reader reports this is the remedy that works best in their situation.

Field of dandelions in bloom
Body Odor

Spring Sale on People’s Pharmacy Body Care Products

Be sure to use the discount code Spring18 to get 18% off any body care purchase in our store during this spring month of April.

yellow mustard squeezing out of a bottle
Charlie Horse

Mustard For Cramps Has Amazing Scientific Explanation

Skeptics often dismiss remedies that they cannot explain. Such is true for mustard for cramps. But now there is an explanation and it is incredibly elegant!

a glass of tonic water with a slice of lemon
Charlie Horse

Is Bitter Tonic Causing Your Terrible Headache?

In people who are very sensitive to quinine, just drinking a few ounces of tonic water might be enough to trigger a terrible headache.