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Metformin Prescription Pills With Identification Numbers
Prostate Cancer

Statin Plus Metformin Prolongs Survival of High-Risk Prostate Cancer Patients

Aggressive prostate cancer (Gleason score of 8 or higher) requires aggressive treatment to prevent recurrence. A statin plus metformin might be helpful.

woman using acupuncture to calm her restless legs
Alternative Health

Can Acupuncture Help Ease Your Cancer Pain?

A systematic review of scientific studies finds that the answer to the question: Does acupuncture help ease cancer pain? is yes.

Oregon grape plant
Alternative Health

Does Berberine Protect Against Prostate Cancer?

Berberine is a natural product of the Oregon grape plant. Berberine has some fascinating biological activity. Could it be helpful against prostate cancer?

Prostate cancer highly detailed segment of panorama. Photomicrograph as seen under the microscope
Heart Attack

Can Men Get an Extra Benefit from a Statin?

While doctors argue about how well a statin prevents heart disease in healthy people, researchers have found an unexpected benefit from a statin for men.

mushrooms growing in field

Mushrooms May Protect Men from Prostate Cancer

Middle-aged Japanese men who eat mushrooms often have a significantly lower likelihood of being diagnosed with prostate cancer.

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Alzheimer’s Disease

Prostate Cancer Therapy and Dementia: The Link Gets Stronger

Determining the best treatment(s) for PCa is challenging. Hormone suppression is common. Is there a link between this prostate cancer therapy and dementia?

close up photo saltpeter grains
Low Libido

Is Saltpeter to Kill Sex Drive a Myth?

Contrary to many people's assertions, saltpeter has no known impact on sex drive and has not been used in institutional or military mess halls.

Bottle of Bayer Low Dose Aspirin (baby aspirin) 81 mg
Drug Side Effects

Should You Stop Taking Aspirin Before a Biopsy?

Aspirin prevents clots but it also increases the chance of bleeding. So deciding whether to stop taking aspirin before a procedure is a tough call.

Prostate cancer highly detailed segment of panorama. Photomicrograph as seen under the microscope
Prostate Cancer

Will Immunotherapy Help Men with Prostate Cancer?

Oncologists are studying how could immunotherapy help men with prostate cancer. In one trial, 10 to 15 percent of the men had an excellent response.

a doctor and a patient getting for a prostate checkup
Prostate Cancer

Should Men Get a PSA Test to Screen for Prostate Cancer?

Should men get a PSA test every year? The experts have been sending contradictory messages and leaving many men confused. What's the latest recommendation?

turmeric (curcumin) capsules in plastic cup

Should Reader Worry About His Anticancer Supplements?

A combination of anticancer supplements that includes aspirin as well as curcumin and blackseed might reduce the risk of recurrence, but could lead to bleeding.

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Drug Side Effects

Taking Prostate Drug Abiraterone (Zytiga) with Food Could Save $300,000

Abiraterone (Zytiga) is a key advance in prostate cancer treatment. But it can cost over $100,000 a year. Taking it with a meal could save a LOT of money! Do you know how food affects your meds?

fresh turmeric root
Alzheimer’s Disease

What Makes Turmeric So Wonderful?

Activity against a wide range of chronic diseases, from Alzheimer to cancer to fatty liver makes turmeric so wonderful that it is a very popular supplement.

bowl of turmeric spice
Breast Cancer

Can Curcumin in Turmeric Fight Pancreatic Cancer?

Curcumin is the active ingredient in turmeric. It has shown intriguing activity against breast, prostate & colorectal cancer. What about pancreatic cancer?

Senior Couple Relaxing On Bed
Prostate Cancer

More Male Orgasms May Mean Less Prostate Cancer

Is sex really good for the prostate? Do more male orgasms protect men from prostate cancer? This question has been asked for decades. Now there's an answer.

Prostate cancer highly detailed segment of panorama. Photomicrograph as seen under the microscope
Prostate Cancer

PSA Screening for Prostate Cancer: Every Man Decides

The US Preventive Services Task Force has changed its mind. The recommendation on PSA screening for prostate cancer is that each man should decide.

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Prostate Cancer

How to Reduce Fatigue from Prostate Cancer Radiation Therapy

Men undergoing radiation therapy to treat prostate cancer had less fatigue and fewer side effects than men assigned to the control group.

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Drug Side Effects

How to Save Money by Taking Zytiga with Breakfast

Men taking Zytiga with a low-fat breakfast need only one-fourth the dose to keep their prostate cancer in check.

Prostate cancer highly detailed segment of panorama. Photomicrograph as seen under the microscope
Prostate Cancer

Will Compound from Bacteria Offer Hope for Prostate Cancer?

Padeliporfin, a compound from bacteria that live on the sea floor, may offer a way to use laser light to kill small prostate tumors selectively.

Fresh rosemary herbs

Can Herbs Prevent a Recurrence of Prostate Cancer?

Evidence is limited but growing that some culinary herbs like turmeric or rosemary may help prevent a recurrence of prostate cancer.